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Never worry about how to pay for your big expenses again.

Become part of the Money Mastery Coaching family and gain the peace of mind, strategies, and confidence to build lasting wealth.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Do you avoid dealing with money because you don’t know where to start?
  • Do you question which financial priorities should come first: reducing debt, putting money away for college, or retirement savings?
  • Do you feel shackled to your financial obligations, your business, and your employees?
  • Do you lack the time or motivation to implement the latest finance app or money guru’s advice?
  • Do you dream of doing something good with your money but never seem to find the “extra” you need to make it happen?
  • Do you worry that you’ll never be completely debt free?

Money Mastery Coaching will help you take control of your financial life and achieve your goals faster.

What would it look like to be financially secure?

Wisdom & Guidance

Go beyond the typical financial advice and experience a relationship that guides you through life’s biggest challenges.

Peace of Mind

Stop letting fear keep you from tackling your finances and get confident that you can and will achieve financial freedom.

Money Made Simple

Organize your finances to pave the way for wealth-building, streamline your approach, and establish a simple system to retain more of your earnings.

Freeing yourself from financial strain

At Money Mastery Coaching, we have helped hundreds of clients just like you overcome their fears and worries about money and find simple, systematic ways to manage their finances.

As a result, our clients have freed a combined total of more than $15 million per year in cash flow, which will grow to $250+ million over the next 20 years.

We’ve also been right where you are. We didn’t come from wealthy backgrounds or inherit trust funds. And as working professionals, business owners, and parents of growing families, we know what it’s like to juggle debt repayment, college and retirement savings, all while putting braces on the kids and wanting to take them on a nice vacation here and there.


We have not only paid off over $100K in debt from our business over this past year, but more importantly, Wade has taught us key financial principles to become better stewards with our money and our investments.

Kyle and Rachel Trontvet

Wade Reed has been an excellent coach on both personal and professional levels, squaring my understanding of personal finance with business development and management so that I am more skilled and astute financially.

Stephen Robinson

Simplify your finances with confidence

At Money Mastery Coaching, we know that you want to be one of the exceptional few who never have to worry about money again. In order to do that, you need the secrets and strategies that wealthy families have used for generations to build and hold onto their money.

The problem is that the system is designed to keep you in the middle class unless you know how to break out of it, which means that you’ll continue to be kept up at night worrying how you’re going to pay for the kids’ college, your retirement, and the everyday expenses until then.

We believe that personal finances should be simple. We understand the demands on your time and money because we are business owners too, which is why we provide you with an easy to manage system that gives you confidence and resilience to handle big expenses down the road like college tuition and retirement, changes in the economy, and even pitfalls you can’t see coming.

Our Proven O.S.O.M. Method
will show you how

Step 1: Organize

Getting organized is your first step to eliminating limiting beliefs and behaviors and feeling empowered and confident in your financial decision making.

Step 2: Systemize

Having a system for managing the flow of money automates wealth creation and helps you build financial freedom.

Step 3: Optimize

We want to eliminate what’s not working, fill gaps in knowledge, add key professionals to the financial team, and utilize the right financial products.

Step 4: Maximize

Now you get to discover and practice the skill of becoming a well-educated investor, as you find out how to turn the surplus cash you’ve created into more cash flow!

Discover the strategies you’ve been missing so you can stop worrying about money, start building wealth, and gain financial freedom.

If you're ready to get started...
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