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You can master your finances. And it doesn’t have to be complicated or take up all of your time. You need simple, time-tested strategies to break out of debt and begin building wealth.
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Introducing Discovering Financial Freedom

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A self-paced, online course designed specifically for busy professionals like you to understand your money, make better financial choices, and keep more of what you earn.

Discovering Financial Freedom is for you if:

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The Money Mastery Coaching OSOM System

The Discovering Financial Freedom course is based on our OSOM (pronounced awesome) system, which has worked for hundreds of clients who have tackled their fears about money, changed their ways to successfully manage their finances, and created sustainable wealth for their families.



Often, you don’t even know what you have, much less what it’s doing for you. We put things in their proper places, so you know what you have, where it is, and how much. We make the process easy.



Once you know what you have, we build a game plan. We create a rhythm so all you need to do is check in and measure progress.



This is where we improve, iterate, and shift as needed. It might include reorganizing debts, using tax strategies, or other means to get more efficient and do what works consistently.



This is where you shift into wealth management mode. We look at the surplus you’ve created and figure out the best use of your funds. This step is about ensuring you can live your best life.

The Discovering Financial Freedom course framework:

In this self-paced, online course, you’ll get access to the tools, assignments, and materials that will allow you to gain mastery over your financial management, know with certainty what actions to take to keep more of what you earn, and start saving money each month to build the future you want.

Module 1 - Your Money Mindset: How You Were Trained to Be Middle Class
Module 2 - Management System for Ultimate Success
Module 3 - Debt Repayment or Savings… Which Comes First?
Module 4 - Stop Tipping Uncle Sam
Module 5 - Insurance and Why You Should “LUV” It!
Module 6 - Investing

When you complete the course, you will have more confidence about what to do with your money, a simple system to allow you to track what’s coming in and going out, and the knowledge to increase your cash flow and save more money.

Are you ready to break free from financial stress, keep more of what you earn, and start building wealth?

For only $1997

Financial Freedom Academy: $1997 (a $2497 value!)

About Your Course Coaches

wade reed

Wade Reed

Wade helps people build true wealth! His expertise is coaching families and small business owners all over the country to clean up and elevate their personal and business finances, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and resulting in financial clarity, confidence, and peace of mind. Over the past 17 years, Wade has worked with more than 700 clients, helping them free up a combined total of over $8,300,000 PER YEAR in cash flow, which will build wealth of over $250 million over the next 20 years.

Logan Sunday

Logan Sunday

Logan recently finished traveling around the United States for nearly 3 years with his young family. The entire journey was financed through his own “Money Pool.” Logan is passionate about the principles and disciplines of managing your finances in such a way. Logan discovered the Money Pool System over 10 years ago after being frustrated with traditional financial planning. This set him on a journey to discover what the wealthy really do with their money and how the money system really works!

Our Money Mastery Coach brings a different perspective to light, and we always end the calls with good insight and inspiration to keep pushing forward.

Greg and Kristin Davis

Logan has pushed our thinking and emotional ties with money. He has made it a priority to make us work together as a team, and he has made us so excited for the future and what’s to come! We literally look forward to getting on calls with him, and he’s been such a blessing in our lives.

CJ and Nicole Castellano

Wade Reed has been a joy to work with over the last year, and we are just getting started! We have not only paid off over $100K in debt from our business over this past year, but more importantly, Wade has taught us key financial principles to become better stewards with our money and our investments.

We are thrilled to have Wade at the top of our financial team as we pursue new and innovative financial and investment strategies for our business and personal life. Wade is a rockstar wealth strategist and money coach. He teaches you how to be smarter with your money so that you can have control and be in the driver’s seat.

Kyle and Rachel Trontvet

Ready to liberate yourself from financial worries, retain more of your hard-earned money, and begin the journey towards building wealth?

For only $1997

Discovering Financial Freedom Course: $497 (a $1497 value!)

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